Make Florentines Easily with Bienetta Mix by Dreidoppel


Bienetta is a dry mix to easily create Florentine Cookies and other crispy creations. Packaged in 6 x 2.2 lb bags, they can be purchased by the bag and are available in our warehouse now. Here is an easy recipe and video below:



7 oz (200 gr) Bienetta

4 1/3 oz  (120 gr) Sliced Almonds

3 oz  (80 gr) Slivered Almonds

Mix Bienetta with the almonds, fill into baking ring or molds, and bake @ 400 F for approximately 8 minutes. After baking, remove the rings/molds while still warm.

You can also dip the Florentines in chocolate with our Superbrill Dark from Chocovic or garnish as you desire.

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