Pur Colour Now Available for Chocolate and Sugar Work

The Best Idea Since Whipped Cream…



We are now stocking a great new product called Fond Royal from Dreidoppel. Fond Royal is two great things in one package…a special gelatin based stabilizing agent combined with sweetening and flavor. It is an all inclusive cream preparation that allows you to very easily create a whole range of mousse recipes. The flavors and sweeteners are all natural and Fond Royal is perfectly balanced to work with Dreidoppels range of forty natural flavoring pastes and compounds.

The product is very easy to use, and requires the following: 7 ounces (200 grams) mix; 8.5 ounces (250 mL) water, 35 ounces (1000 grams) whipped cream. Flavor pastes should be added according to their dosage recommendations.

For the establishment with no pastry chef, this product is a very easy way to make beautiful mousses and creams. We have samples and recipes available, give us a call!


New Lower Pricing on Callebaut Chocolate


Barry Callebaut has lowered their prices on some of their core products recently and we have lowered ours as well. Give us a call for updated pricing and availability!

Minneapolis’ Own Michelle Gayer @ South Beach Wine & Food w/Anthony Bourdain!


The Le Coq Cuisine Sailing Team

Sailing, very much like the pastry and baking world, is hard work, but never without its moments of joy and fun. Fueled by the same energy, Eric Lecoq founded Lecoq Cuisine, now America’s preeminent pastry manufacturer, 20 years ago and now embarks on one of the world’s most exciting offshore races, The Transat Jacques Vabre. Riding the waves in a 40 foot boat sporting the Lecoq Cuisine colors and rooster logo requires the same passion as that shown, daily, by our employees through every level of production. It is that same commitment to win together; to give the best of oneself to the very end; to participate as a team as all of our customers do in their own kitchens. It provides the inspiration to perform as a unit to achieve victory.

Eric Lecoq, accompanied by Eric Defert, will be carrying these shared values as the Lecoq boat departs from France on a straight run to Costa Rica. Occurring every 2 years, The Transat Jacques Vabre is one of the biggest offshore races to embark from French waters. We will follow the two Erics as they show some “chef power” sailing the strong image of the proud rooster across the Atlantic to Costa Rica.


Frozen Fruit Puree Sale!

We are overstocked on certain puree flavors. Click on the link below for a list and pricing. Call with any questions.


La fruitiere sale 2012

Frank Haasnoot, Dobla Corporate Pastry Chef Wins World Chocolate Masters 2011

After three days of breathtaking competition, between nineteen national chocolate masters, Frank Haasnoot, winner of the Dutch Chocolate Masters preselection was selected as the “World Chocolate Master 2011″ by an international jury composed of 22 leading chocolate professionals.

As part of the competition, each participant created a large chocolate sculpture that conveyed the theme of this year’s competition – “Cocoa, Quetzalcoatl’s Gift” –inspired by the ancient Aztec legend surrounding the origins of cocoa in South America. They also showcased their skills by creating two types of pralines, pastry and a plated dessert.

The three contestants have performed impressively, given the very limited time available. Frank’s high quality creations have emerged through the combination of creativity, craftsmanship and neat way of working. Daniel Jongsma was the runner up and the third place went to Rene Huisman.

Also….check out in the video the cool green pastry bags he is using. We have them in our warehouse at all times!

Congratulations Frank!

Valentines Day Pre Book Catalog Now Available

We have a bunch of cool stuff available to pre-order for Valentines Day. Click on the PDF link below to peruse. Let us know if you have any questions.

Orders placed by 1/24 will be delivered 2/2.


Valentines Day 2012

A Cool Example of How to Use the Pisa Cup

Pastry Chef Jaime VanderWoude of  Byerlys Bakery in Edina has created two different 2 to 3 bite desserts using the Pisa Cup from Dobla. One is filled with chocolate mousse and garnished with red curls and round decorettes. The other (she gave me one to try and it was fantastic) was a champagne mousse garnished with pink curls and white chocolate stars. Apparently they sold out pretty quickly…. well done Jaime!

Learn How to Make Macaroons

….here is a pretty cool instructional on how to make Parisian Macaron from Dessert Professional Magazine (www.dessertprofessional.com).